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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL BACKPACKERS  thinking of buying or selling a car in Australia

A car market for backpackers has been re-established in Kings Cross, Sydney Australia.

The establishment of the new Sydney Travellers Car Market is an initiative of Sydney Lord Mayor and Independent MP Clover Moore.

The new Car Market is located in the original location of the previous Car Market in Kings Cross and under new management. The new Sydney Travellers Car Market operates in almost exactly the same fashion as the previous Car Market. It is simply a place for buyers and sellers to meet. Whilst the new Car Market is FREE until Feb 15, after that date the sellers will need to pay a fee to park and display their vehicle for sale.

Buyers will benefit as they will have an independent and experienced car market staff member always on-site with which to ask questions regarding, transfer, registration & insurance.

In past the Car Market was an Iconic venue for self driving backpackers and we have no doubt the new Sydney Travellers Car Market will achieve that same status very quickly.

Note: The Sydney Travellers Car Market is not affiliated or associated in any way with the previous management of the Kings Cross Car Market which still advertises under that name as a used car dealer in Woolloomooloo.

For more information on the new & official SYDNEY TRAVELLERS CAR MARKET please refer to the links below or contact me direct.

We kindly ask that you update any reference to the Car Market in Kings Cross to reflect the information provided.

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