Unpaid fines, watch out !

Fine Mess PictureAfter a year of travels around Australia, you finally decide to leave your best fellow, your car !
Selling your car comes with many things you have to keep in mind : safety inspections, ownership transfer and registration transfer. Here in Australia, every State has its own rules regarding the rego transfer, some are a lot easier than others but there’s one thing that all state have in common : fines!

Here is a story that happened recently : As every day in the Sydney Travellers Car Market, we have new people coming in, wanting to sell their car, van or 4WD before going back home or keep on travelling overseas, just like that couple we had last week. They were selling their Toyota Town Ace, before taking their flight, which was due 10 days after. Registered in Western Australia, we had to check the expiry date of the van…and there came the problems : the car was not registered anymore.

Really confusing for them as they paid $400 odd to renew the rego a couple of month ago. We asked them to call WA Transport Services to find out and they were told that their vehicle had two years of unpaid fines so they decided to cancel their rego ! “ But we only had the car for 6 month ” they said.

Unfortunately in Australia, when you buy a car you buy the unpaid fines with it. It is really important when you buy in private that you go and check with the police before purchasing.

Buying from a dealer, such as Travellers Auto Barn, you will get a title of ownership which means that all fines are cleared and you won’t get bad surprises.


  • Tom

    Hi guys, just a quick question.

    Is there any way to check online if a vehicle has any outstanding fines? Or do you need to call the police of the state the vehicle is registered in?