Travelling in a campervan is known to be the cheapest and easiest way to explore Australia. You don’t have any rent to pay AND the freedom to leave or stay whenever and wherever you want, being a white sanded beach or a farm where you’re currently earning some extra dollars.

The average camper is fitted out with double mattress, sink, water tank, gas cooker and some cutlery. However in our Sydney Car Market you will meet people from all over the world sharing their experiences with you. They’ve owned a camper, seen it all, spend all their free time to turn it into their home on wheels and sometimes you would be amazed how creative and awesome these vans end up to be.

BUT there is a saying that beauty isn’t everything… Cecilia and Joakim, a nice Swedish couple, bought a fancy van via the internet from other backpackers. An upper class camper with heaps of camping equipment, nice lay-out, fridge, dual battery system,… They bought it for $8,600! And as many others they where seduced by all the equipment and the fantastic paint job.

Unfortunately for them a few kilometers after the purchase they start having problems. Oil was leaking and fifth gear wasn’t working properly anymore. In the middle of nowhere (yep Australia is a huge country) they searched for a mechanic who charged them $2,000 for, according the him, only the urgent repairs. As Cecilia and Joakim had no mechanical background they had absolutely no idea that their ‘dream van’ had two bad rear tyres, basically no brakes left and a gearbox that needed to be replaced.

Once the van was up and running, they finally hit the road again! Their first plan was relaxing on the bounty-like beaches on the east coast and sipping cocktails in the sun. However they first needed to earn some dollars to cover the unforeseen costs, so they did some fruit picking (getting up at 05.00AM in the morning!!) instead.

Fortunately after these two months they started enjoying their adventure, saw some wonderful places, met some interesting people, upgraded the van which became their home and most of all they had the road trip they first had in mind.

They are now at the end of their travels and sell their 5 star van in the Sydney Car Market for $6,900 ONO.

The most important message these guys want to share with all the backpackers who are just in the beginning of this big adventure is to remember that any vehicle can sound and look in a good condition but you never know for sure. A pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended and will give you peace of mind and safe you from bad surprises and a lot of extra costs!

Our Kings Cross garage can do that for you, cheap and easy, so just ask our Car Market team for the information and once you’re on the road you will be searching for idyllic places and weird animals instead of mechanics and spare parts…


until next time…