Dont get Scammed!!!


Ok guys, I know we said that already two weeks ago, but when you buy a car from a private, please BE CAREFUL !
Remember, we had that German couple a few weeks ago buying a van from 3 backpackers and their dream-car turned to be a nightmare…well, that happened again last week.

We had that Swiss couple coming into the Sydney Travellers Car Market looking for a great deal. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, great deal rhymes with nothing else but cheap car :WRONG ! A great deal is a valuable car that can actually run safely. Anyway, they found what there were looking for and bought it quickly (no need to specify that no basic check such as a pre purchase inspection was done before buying the car). And here is the thing : they wanted to deal out of the Car Market, which is fair enough since all the sales here are PRIVATE. So they went out to do their business with the sellers, bought the car and took the road to Melbourne.
When they finally made it to Victoria, the car suddenly broke down, but here is another thing : while they were at the VicRoads office, transferring their new broken wagon under their names, they were told “ Sorry, the registration of your car has been cancelled by the old owners a few days ago”. “But we filled out the papers with them and everything was alright” the Swiss couple said, but no everything was quite not alright since the sellers had actually given fake names to the buyers on the Transfer of Ownership Form and cancelled the rego after the purchase to get their money back…How dishonest is that, right ?!

So a few days ago, we had that poor Swiss couple in our office, back from Melbourne by train, asking us if we could help them tracking the sellers; we did what we could by giving them their names but that was about all we could do for them since they dealed out of the Car Market.

The thing I am trying to say here is not that every seller is a liar you cannot trust, no, I am just saying since you come and buy a car in the Sydney Travellers Car Market, why don’t you take advantage of the advices we can give here in the office, after all that’s what we, the Car Market staff, are here for too, advising and helping people with the paperwork involved in a car purchase to make sure that that kind of story doesn’t happen anymore.